Q&A With Rob Dunphy, The Eagles Fan With All Those Philly Tattoos

Get a compelling lengthy read and should-have life-style ideas in your inbox each Sunday morning — great with coffee! Rob Dunphy, the Eagles fan with all the Philly tattoos, at Thursday night’s Eagles-Packers recreation. PM: So you went to the Eagles recreation and then swiftly you’re the world’s quantity-one Eagles fan. Well, number-one Philly fan, actually. How does it feel?

RD: It’s insane, dude. It doesn’t even appear actual. updated blog post died earlier than I even got to the game, and then my friends and all of these individuals are telling me that I was on Tv and everywhere in the Internet. What does Rob Dunphy do when he’s not shirtless at Eagles games? I’m residence with my family. I’m presently unemployed. I was working for the gasoline company for a while.

I've a bunch of applications out there. I’d like to do something concerned with sports activities. Especially something the place I’m a sports activities fan that travels. I feel what all of us want to know: Where is the Gritty tattoo? It’s on its approach. I had a child two months ago, so Gritty is on hold for somewhat bit.

1,000. I’ll get it beneath 95 and above the Phanatic. Well, I gotta say the Eagles one, but the Phanatic, too. They’re tied neck and neck. Rob Dunphy, the Eagles fan with all of these Philly tattoos, earlier than the Phanatic tattoo was crammed in. My final name. That’s it. What was your first tattoo? I bought one on the back of my leg for my grandmother that passed away. Where do simply click for source get your tattoos performed? 215 Inkwell by Mike Nemo.

It’s at like Frankford and Cottman. There’s some nice work there, however what’s up with the skyline? It’s just an overview. It’s not finished. I acquired all of those tattoos on my chest outlined at the identical time, about three years in the past. Once they get detailed, they come to life.

And that i need so as to add the Comcast building. Back to the game, you bought fairly killer seats. Is the stadium as loud as it seems on Tv? Not in any respect. Seattle is louder than this. Green Bay is nothing just like the Linc. We're approach louder. So, you’re a guy with Philly and Eagles tats throughout you. Did you could have any points with the Green Bay fans? No. They had been friendly. I have to say, they had been actually friendly.

What occurs once you get back to Philly? I’m going to sleep. After which on Sunday, I’m going to the Phillies sport and doing an on-discipline skit with the Phanatic. What does Plak tattoo suppose about all of this? They suppose I’m completely loopy. Do Nep tattoo have your shirt off at Eagles games? Yes, ever since I went to the Vikings recreation for the NFC Championship.

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